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Our relaxed hair haven is tucked away in Al Barsha and whether you’re looking for a sharp edgy new cut, a beautiful balayage or a crazy vibrant colour, we got you covered.


We offer complimentary consultations to discuss any concerns you might have.  So give us a call, come for a chat we’ll do the rest.

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Her Vibe: Creating natural looking hairstyles. Her perfectionist approach is reflected in her creations.


Signature Style: Tracy’s work is elegant and feminine to the core. She thrives on colour corrections and she’s also the queen of spicy reds in the salon. A good variety in her work.


Why you should come see her: 

Tracy is a realist which reflects in how she approaches her clients. If she can achieve your dream hair, she will fully explain the journey involved and the commitment needed from your side.


She works with her clients and no hair is out of place, she’s a natural perfectionist. She takes no BS and that’s why you’ll love her.


Check her out @d.tracy_hair



Her Vibe: “Live Your Life in Colour”

This describes everything about Ali, from her hair colour to her personality to her clientele.


Signature Style: Variety! Whether you want to be the brightest colour in the room or blend in with the balayage trend, Ali is your girl.  If your hair allows it, she’ll take you to your dream hair.


Why you should come see her:

Well… if you want raw honest hairdressing for starters. She gets equally excited about a drop dead balayage as she does about a fellow pink lady.


If you like to think outside the box and don’t follow the crowd you’ll get along brilliantly. And there’s always some naughty banter thrown in for good measure.


Check her out @hair_by_snowflake



Her Vibe: Stylish city girl creating everyday wearable hair with a sprinkle of sass.


Signature Style: Clodagh’s looks can vary from short hair, soft feathered hairlines to long flowy balayaged waves.


Why you should come see her:

Our Clodagh is a chatty one, so get ready for putting the world to rights, whilst getting the hair of your dreams.


Her variety of colours and styles means you won’t be disappointed. 


Check her out @hairstylistclo



Her Vibe: The only Way is Blonde…. If you’re searching for that blonde dream, Lucy is your girl. Being a blonde herself she understands the whole process and can give you some first-class advice about it.


Signature Style:

This would have to be Blonde… All shades and styles!


Why you should come see Lucy:

If you want to try the blonde side of life.  Be warned though, our only London gal will have you walking out of the salon feeling a million dollars, whether its blonde, lived in blonde or more recently shes been exploring the vibrant side of life. 


Check her out @hairbylucy_dubai



Her Vibe: New to Dubai. Her vibe is young, bright and fun.


Signature Style: 

Balayage and blondes are probably top of her list. Her precise foiling and placement transfers into the most beautiful lived in blondes. But in general she’s a good all rounder and you can be guaranteed a good mix of different styles and colours.


Why you should come see her:

She’s young, fun and once you get a grasp of her accent, you can have the best chats while getting a top class hair colour. She’s methodical, and technical minded but always communicates what the plan of action will be and delivers the best results.

Check her out @lizziewilliamshair





The Iridium Building

Unit No 9, Al Barsha First

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 48866822


Monday: 10am - 7pm

Tuesday: 9am - 7pm
Wednesday: 10 am - 9pm
Thursday: 9am - 8pm

Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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